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Great Britain Paralympian Lee Fawcett is an exceptional motivational Speaker.


Lee has inspired many people with his inspiring and motivational talks. Lee speaks about the highs and lows of being and elite athlete and about how sport helped him in life.


Lee speaks about his childhood and his family, how he had to show a lot of determination when he was left paralysed at the age of 15, how he coached a junior football team from a wheelchair and how they inspired him to take up disabled sport and become a paralympian. 


Lee talks about the determination, dedication and commitment he showed in competing for Great Britain in two different sports 


Lee also runs successful workshops, teaching them the 6 keys to success, them being:


Mental Toughness

People Skills

Breaking Barriers

Hunger to Achieve

Sports/Life Knowledge

Planning for success


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Lee Fawcett is an exceptional Motivational Speaker.

Lee has inspired many young people with his Inspirational Speeches. Read more