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Welcome to the Lee Fawcett Mentoring Website

Thanks for stopping by. Lee Fawcett is a former Paralympian after Competing for Great Britain in Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Fencing. Lee Fawcett is from Middlesbrough in the North East of England and is a qualified Level 2 Wheelchair Basketball Coach and is currently the Head coach/player of the RGK Tees Valley Titans Wheelchair Basketball Team. Lee also works as an Athlete Mentor by visiting schools and Businesses acting as a Inspirational Speaker helping to motivate and inspire people to achieve. He also delivers Wheelchair Basketball and other disability sports to inspire the next generation  Have a look around and get to know him. 


"When I was 15 years old, I was left paralysed as a result of an operation that when wrong! I used to love sport before this unfortunate event took place. I went back to school for my final year, I never participated in P.E. for that full year. This was simply because there was no sports I was allowed to play. I soon knew how it felt to be disengaged and left out, because everyone could do every sport but I could'nt even give it a go. I know there will be children still in schools who feel like I did all them years ago."


"Since then, I motivated myself and worked hard and became a Paralympic Athlete! I have represnted Great Britain at two Paralympic Games. I am now retired from International sport and I feel I am in a great position to be able to share my experiences and my sport of Wheelchair Basketball to the next generation. The sport is so inclusive it acts as a great leveller and I find that the children who don't usually show interest in sport or exercise, really excel. For me to be able to inspire one person a day, month or year allows me to believe I was paralysed for a reason and that reason is to Inspire!"

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Lee Fawcett is an exceptional Motivational Speaker.

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